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Welcome to Purgatory

please enjoy your stay

Canon Wars - The RPG
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There exists a theory. The theory that if enough people believe in something, it becomes real somewhere. This time around, it was New York City. And those things are video game characters, anime characters, cartoon characters and super heroes. At first it was okay, because Superman really did help out for a while. However, the problem with being created from the belief of others is that you know everything they believe about you.

Everything. Every bad fic. Every bad fanart. Every pairing. Every masturbatory fantasy. All of it.

To placate the disturbed, newly existing US Citizens, the government has given them their own island off of the coast of Puerto Rico: Purgatory. This is partly because they're curious about the phenomenon, and partly because they don't want any errant fireballs to take out other people. Purgatory's inhabitants are mostly content to go about their daily life; they have all of the comforts of any major city. Besides, who'd believe them, anyway?

Welcome to Purgatory.


Right here, please review. Sometimes they change, but it's nothing short of "be respectful."

Your mod is haloradio. Please email her at mortenuova(at)gmail.com with any questions! There will be an FAQ up at the Wiki soon.


• Look on the wiki to find out if the character you want is taken. The wiki is usually updated weekly.
• Email mortenuova(at)gmail.com with your with your application, then wait for approval! After which you will:
• Make the journal for your pup
• Join canonwars
• Join canonwarsooc
• Join canonlogs
Contact List—Everyone is in charge of keeping their contact info up to date for CR, and other fun stuff.
• Make sure your pup reads the Welcome Center Webpage ICly before posting.
• Make sure to make an account for the Wikipedia, and then await the day we edit our characters' pages (please excuse our dust, I'm trying to clean things up).

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